Miquel Silvestre, from around the world to Diary of a nomad in TVE

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A classic in the world of travel in moto, Miquel Silvestre, tells us how it began in the recording of the same, type of material used and how to manage resources.

Miquel Silvestre, from around the world to Diary of a nomad in TVE

Miquel Silvestre is a writer who has undergone more than 100 countries with his motorcycle around the world, throughout this journey has written several books and recorded many videos has been published on Youtube.

Currently has a program on television Spanish called diary of a nomad, where following the route of the forgotten explorers Spaniards, goes touring different parts of the world and putting us in situation with characters in our history that have passed into oblivion.

In our program will explain us how it has evolved when recording both in material and technique, and like us all what are travel today to capture each chapter.

In addition explains how you can live a journey with material that records, books, etc.

Website: http://www.miquelsilvestre.com/

Accidente de Miquel en el Sur de África.
El accidente que Miquel Silvestre nos describe en el podcast podéis verlo aquí.

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